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Tradescantia Zebrina Plant (without Pot)

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Plant Name

Tradescantia Zebrina Plant

Plant Care

1) Partially shaded locations or indoors bright lit locations are best suitable for a Tradescantia Zebrina Plant.

2) Water the soil thoroughly but let the soil dry before rewatering.

3) Moderate moist conditions are best suitable for plant growth but indoor moisture is also sufficient for survival of this plant.

4) Temperature ranging from 10*C to 25*C is best suited for Tradescantia Zebrina Plant growth.

5) Report it if necessary, otherwise, a 4-5 inches pot is sufficient till 1-2 years.


Tradescantia Zebrina Plant can reach up to a maximum of 6 to 10 inches in height and 10-20 inches Width.


Comes in Brown Corrugated Box with Plant firmly packed in Plastic Pot Packing. 


Tradescantia Zebrina is toxic to pets.