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Syngonium White Butterfly Plant only

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Plant Name

Syngonium White Butterfly Plant

Plant Care

 1) Grows best in Low to Medium Indirect Light. So keep it indoors only.

 2) Soil should be kept slightly moist during summers and dry during winters.

 3) The Ideal temperature is between 28°C – 38°C during the day and around 20*C at night. Syngonium should not be kept in temperatures below 60*F (18*C).

 4) Humid conditions are preferable.

 5) Re-pot only when the plant becomes oversized.


Grows up to 4-6 Feet in Height and 2 Feet width.


Comes in Brown Corrugated Box with Plant firmly packed in Plastic Packing.


Syngonium plants are toxic in nature. Avoid human and pets consumption of plant parts.