Snake Plant Green (Futura Robesta) - QYARI
Snake Plant Green (Futura Robesta) - QYARI

Snake Plant Green (Futura Robesta)

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Plant Name

Snake Plant Green (Futura Robesta)

Plant Care

1) Snake Plant Futura Robesta Grows in bright indoor and outdoor sunlight. Can be shifted to Shades as well.

2) Soil should be watered occasionally, wait for soil complete dry out to water again.

3) A Snake Plant can thrice in tough conditions but warm temperatures are best suitable for growth.

4) Futura Robesta is a hard indoor plant so can thrive in any kind of moist conditions.

5) Re-pot it only in the spring season.


A matured Futura Robesta can grow up to 3 Feet in Height and 1 Foot in Width.


Comes in Brown Corrugated Box with Plant firmly packed in Plastic Pot Packing. 


Green Snake Plant is Toxic to pets and may show some allergic reactions in humans if consumed.