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Dracaena Red Leaf Plant Only (Mysore Ruby)

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Plant Name

Dracaena Red Leaf Plant (Mysore Ruby)

Plant Care

1) Grows best in bright indirect sunlight, never place in direct sunlight. It can be shifted to Shades as well.

2) It requires less water in comparison to other indoor plants. Allow topsoil to become completely dry before watering it.

3) Temperatures in the range of 18*C - 25*C are best suited for plant growth. 

4) Does not require any high humidity levels. Indoor natural humidity is far better.

5) Re-pot it only when it becomes oversized.


A Dracaena Plant can reach a height of 3 feet.


Comes in Brown Corrugated Box with Plant firmly packed in Plastic Pot Packing. Re-Pot into bigger ceramic or cement pot immediately.


It is found to be poisonous for pets but any consumption by humans or children should also be avoided.