Aglaonema Red Or Valentine Plant

Aglaonema Red or Aglaonema Valentine

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Plant Name

Aglaonema Red or Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema Valentine

Plant Care

1) Put Aglaonema Valentine Plant in the shade or low light and no direct sun exposure.

2) Allow soil to dry out 1 to 2 inches before watering again.

3) The best thing about an aglaonema plant is that you can see new leaves appearing throughout the year. Aglaonema plant loves humid conditions.

4) Temperature above 65*F (18*C) suitable for growth. Never place an aglaonema green in temperatures below 15*C.

5) Repotting once in 2 years.


Aglaonema Plant usually grows 10-15 Inches to 3-4 Feet Tall.


Comes in Brown Corrugated Box with Plant firmly packed in Plastic Pot Packing. 


 Aglaonema Plants are toxic for pets and may cause some allergic variations to humans if consumed.