Plants do Speak- Leaves tell about plant health

Yes, plants do speak- leaves tell about plant health. By this article, we aim to discuss the common issues noticed in plants especially the ones hinted by their leaves.


1. Yellow Leaves

Yellowing of leaves from the tip or completely can be due to moisture stress. You need to keep a check on your soil drainage and water supply. Excessive water retention by soil can make root rot and thus makes leaves turn yellow or we can say ill.


2. Drooping or Wilting Leaves

When plants are in urgent need of water their leaves tend to wilt or droop. This is surely an indicator of complete dry out or draught of your plant. This stage is recoverable if the plant is watered well as soon as noticed. Once properly watered leaves will retain their posture in some time.


3. Brown Tip Leaves

Browning of leaves tips is an indicator of bad watering habit. Check for the soil dryness and water it in time to develop a healthy plant with proper moisture.


4. Black Leaves

Plant leaves turn black for many reasons but bacterial infection is the topmost and irreversible one. Dehydration may also lead to blackening of your plant and its leaves. To deal with such situations prevention is better than cure because once the plant reaches to such circumstances it may collapse.


5. Falling Off Leaves

Too much water or too less water is the reason behind falling off leaves. Check for soil dryness before watering otherwise overwatering will lead to more leaf fall and eventually root rot.


6. Spotted Leaves

Tiny insects or Fungal diseases cause brown or yellow spots on plant leaves. Removing the infected leaves and proper air circulation around typically takes care of fungal diseases on houseplants. Whereas wiping or cleaning your plant leaves time to time can ward off insects and hence grow quality leaves.


7. Holes in Leaves

Holes in leaves are a clear indicator of insects or pests present in your plant or pot. These insects or pests chew up the leaf between the foliage. Occasional spraying of pesticides in good activity to avoid propagation of insects or pests.


So need not to worry anymore, now you are aware of what your plants are telling you? Enjoy growing your plants a healthier way.

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