Indoor Gardening Tips

Indoor Gardening Tips

Indoor Gardening is the toughest challenge one has to face as a beginner. A beginner for Indoor Gardening is always surrounded with questions like - Is my plant fine? Have I Watered it well? Why are the plant leaves falling off? Why my plant is not growing? Etc.

The truth is when you take up Gardening as a hobby, you first need to understand your plant needs and surrounding impacts- weather, air and sand. Indoor Gardening can turn horrifying for you if you don't give yourself enough knowledge about indoor plants or the plants which you have located indoor.

Indoor Gardening Tips

With the help of this article we aim at summarizing the basic points that one needs to understand to have a beautiful and healthy Indoor Garden. Indoor Gardening can turn dangerous for your plant's life without proper knowledge.

The first basic step is to understand which plants are indoor and which are not. And yes there are certain plants which can be placed indoor and outdoor time to time. They require less sunlight in comparison to many other outdoor plants. And slight over exposure to heat may result in damaging such plants. Such plants should be avoided completely by beginners. You should better go with Indoor ones at the beginning.

Secondly, watering the indoor plants is the chief most reason behind death of plants due to root rot especially during winters. So one has to make sure that they don't over water indoor plants. Instead just spraying up of water onto leaves and added water in small quantity to soil on weekly basis to small plants is sufficient. But you need to check for the dryness of soil not only on the surface but also 2-3 inches inside the soil to make sure you plant roots don't start to rot.

Indoor Gardening Tips

Cleaning up of plant leaves or washing them with water sprinkler is yet another important step to help your Indoor plants grow better and healthier. Make it a habit of cleaning your plant leaves every third day.

Replacing some part of the soil is yet another therapy that you can give to your indoor plants once in 2-3 months. But remember not to damage the roots of the plant.

Organic fertilizers are the best for your indoor plants and that too in small quantities time to time or monthly basis. This activity can be performed even while replacing the old soil of your pot.

Give them warmth, fresh air and slight sun light once in a week but be cautious of not putting them completely exposed in summer heat. This will burn the leaves so shaded warmth under sun is a better option.

Lastly, trimming and pruning can be a good activity during winters and summers for Indoor Plants. Cutting away old growths can be a good activity to let your plant grow more.

One can become a good Indoor Gardener by following above few steps. Remember to select correct plant for correct space- Indoor or Outdoor. And don't just expose Indoor plant to direct sun heat or try to grow an outdoor plant in shade.

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