Four Seasons in Four Steps of Plant Care

Four Seasons in Four Steps of Plant Care

Plant care in all four seasons in india

The article here talks about a brief introduction about Basic Plant Care Tips for Summers, Spring, Monsoon and Winters. 

Plant Care in Summers

The Summer Heat Especially in the months of April, May, June set temperatures soaring above 40 degrees in South Asia Zone. It is the time when you need to plan in advance to save your plants from the summer heat. Yes, there are certain plants that grow in the hot sunny conditions like succulents and cactus family. But it is advisable to keep restricted heat exposure to your plants during summers as overexposure may result in unrecoverable plant damage. There are plenty of basic things that can be performed to safeguard your plants in summers.

The basic steps are listed below-

1. Washing leaves on every alternate day.

2. Watering the soil well and deep if it is drying.

3. Keep plants in shade and give less sun exposure

4. Do not fertilize nor do re-potting of plants in summers

Plant Care in Spring

The best season for any plant growth is March till Mid of May. Flowers blossom, leaves grow greener and this is the Christmas time around the year for the plants. It is the wake-up time for your plants and with some basic help, you can nurture your plant to the best during this time of the year.

Though every plant has different requirements these basic steps can help any plant blossom during springs.

1. Re-pot to a larger space as your plants start to grow and expand.

2. Trimming or cutting any damaged leaves or branches.

3. Feed your plants with all the necessary nutrients.

4. Bath and clean those dirty leaves.

Plant Care in Monsoon or Rains

Mid of July to Start of September is the time when rains hit the highest in India. Natural moisture in the air helps plant leave pores open up as well as roots start to breathe more. Root rot can a cause of plant damage in this season so keeping a proper check on drainage system of plants is advisable. A few basic steps for a healthy life of your plant during monsoon are given below.

1. Execute Natural Fertilization of the plant.

2. introducing new plants in the garden.

3. Never water the soil during monsoon unless the soil is very dry or plant show symptoms for lack of water.

4. Pesticides should be used during monsoon season only.

Plant Care in Winters

End of November to Mid of  January is the peak winter period and considered as dreadful for plants. The season which kills many plants if not taken care properly. Overwatering has been the major factor in killing healthiest of plants in winters. But proper watering can even help them grow even in most chill weather.

1. Try to maintain humidity levels by using the humidifier or you can even spray water on leaves using the spray bottle.

2. Cut down on the water supply to once in a week.

3. Cleaning up leaves on every third day is a better option that fully watering the soil.

4. Hide plants from breezy winds specially and stay away from windows.

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