Clay Pots vs Plastic Pots- What's your choice?

Clay Pots vs Plastic Pots- What's your choice?

Clay or Plastic pot

 Choosing a clay or plastic pot is the first basic question that arises in any gardener's mind. This article helps you find the right choice.

Pots made from Clay, POP or Terra-cotta are made from porous material like a special type of soil or powdered chemical material. The porosity of material allows air and water/moisture penetration. Plants have roots that need the air and moisture for proper functioning. Such pots even provide absorption of excessive water in the potting soil. So it protects the plant from excess water damage or root rot. This is specifically beneficial for the plants that require dry soil like cactus etc or when the temperatures in surroundings drop like during winters and rains (moisture is already in the air).




Using clay pots in terraces, gardens and balconies also have advantages over plastic pots. Clay pots don't take much impact of changing weather conditions easily like Rain in Sudden Hot Weather or Low/High Sunny day in winters. The only disadvantage that clay pots have is their breakability and weight (Big Size Pots).

Plastic pots are usually lightweight, strong, easy to port and flexible. There are a huge variety of colors available to fit your indoor or outdoor decor. The non-re-cycle ability can be a disadvantage with most of the plastic pots available in the market. Though plastic pots are safe for growing plants their wall thickness is less which can act as Heat Conductor and damage plants to a great extent in summers especially the ones in darker colors.

 So got your answer now? Yes, Shop at now.

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