Best Plants to Keep Indoor

Best Plants to Keep Indoor

Plants are a source of Positive Energy, Healthy living and add colors to your interiors. From promoting naturally purified air, plants play a vital role in enhancing your indoor spaces. But for indoor settings or spaces, the job for keeping a plant healthy becomes tougher. Space limitation and low amount of natural light can destroy your plants completely. With this article, we have shortlisted the best plants to keep indoor which can thrive in any environment with very little care.

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1. Snake Plant- Snake Plant is the best plant to keep indoors. Just water them only when soil is completely dry and place them in any space you want. Just one care tip avoid over watering (especially during winters), infact under watering would never kill a Snake Plant ever. And it will provide you purified air throughout its life.

2. Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema- An aglaonema plant can survive on low light or artificial light with any amount of humidity.

3. Pothos- Not only do pothos purify the air but can easily survive in any light and even in the water medium. Green money plant or devil's ivy plant tops the list amongst Pothos.

4. Peace lily- Peace lily is once again gardeners choice when it comes to staying indoor or low light spaces. They require water in a week and ideal for bathrooms.

5. Aloe vera- Aloe vera is one more such hard plant that can grow indoors. You can keep them near the window with access to sunlight. Just water them regularly and enjoy all the medicinal aspects of the plant.

6. Philodendron- This one variety of plant is very talkative and makes it easier to keep it indoors. Philodendrons hint its gardener what exactly is needed by the plant. Like if you see leaves turning yellow it means you need to put it to a lighter indirect sunlight spot int he house.

So choose your indoor plants wisely now and put them in the right light setting.

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